PHPP Expert Exam Prep Course

PHPP Expert Exam Prep

The Passive House Institute (PHI) has extended the existing training and certification system for designers and tradespeople to appreciate the further education of other professional groups and activities that are important for the construction of Passive Houses. The extension envisages that additional training will be certified as an "add-on" to the previous seals Passive House Designer/ Consultant or Tradesperson. The new "add-on seals" are therefore used in conjunction with the associated "master seal" (Designer/ Consultant or Tradesperson seal

As a first step PHI has developed the additional certificate “PHPP Expert”. Deeper knowledge and competencies regarding the handling of PHPP and the entry of complex data of non-residential and refurbishment projects into the PHPP are crucial to ensure the high quality of Passive House projects and to avoid performance gaps. Find out more about the PHPP Expert seal here.

Peel Passive House Consulting will offer a discount on Passive House building certification for certified PHPP experts.

This course has been developed to prepare participants to write the PHPP Expert exam.

The course is comprised of online workshops and exam prep materials. The contents of this course include

1. Intro Workshop

This online workshop provides an overview of how to prepare for the exam. It covers qualification requirements, learning targets, exam structure. It also explores the additional workshops and support material provided. An example homework case study will be issued for students to practice in the weeks leading up to the exam. Note: The homework will be submitted and reviewed in order to assess the student's ability to write the PHPP expert exam.

2. Online workshops
This portion consists of a series of four (4) online workshops covering Advanced PHPP content. Refer to the Learning Targets link below for topics covered. Note: designPH, PHPP Variants and bim2PH are not covered in this course. Students will need to register for designPH and PHPP Variants if required. Students will need to receive bim2PH training separately from PHI.

Learning Targets
See a list of the learning targets here.

Intended Audience
Those interested in obtaining the PHPP Expert seal.

Certified Passive House Designer or Certified Passive House Designer qualification. There is an option of writing the CPHD/C exam on the same day as the PHPP Expert exam. If you plan on doing this, please let us know.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Your Instructor

Andrew Peel
Andrew Peel

Andrew is a seasoned Passive House trainer, consultant, and building certifier accredited by the German Passive House Institute. His professional and academic experience ranges from consultancy, programme management, technical and non-technical articles and publications, course and lecture delivery, and technical research. He has been delivering high quality educational courses for over 22 years, including 13 years of PH training, both for Passive House Canada and independently.

Andrew has a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in building energy performance and technology assessment and modelling. This includes managing the UK Government’s innovative carbon saving technologies scheme and the Energy Saving Trust’s Best Practice Helpline. He also had the good fortune of working at the Passive House Institute, developing algorithms for the PHPP.

Andrew is a former founding board member of Passive House Canada and tireless, passionate advocate for Passive House.

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